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Vacancy details

Vacancy Code: VA/APRO/PRJT/2004/004
Post Title: Agency Project Manager
Post Level: P-5 or Equivalent Organization
Unit: Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific
Duty Station: Yangon, Myanmar 75% and Project sites 25%
Duration: 1 year (renewable)
Closing date: 30 Nov 2004
VA Code VA/APRO/PRJT/2004/004
Project Title: Community Development for Remote Townships (Project MYA-01-002)

Background/Project Objective(s):

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UNfs Global Development Network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. This project MYA-01-002 is part of the UNDP Human Development Initiative-Phase IV (HDI-IV). It is expected that the project - Community Development for Remote Townships (CDRT)will expand to include a further 120 new target villages, as well as improve and consolidate the activities and investments made under earlier phases of the project.

CDRT target beneficiaries are the poor households in general, and women and the disadvantaged in particular. The development objectives of the project include:
To strengthen the capacity of poor communities in selected remote border townships and to address their basic needs through a participatory community development approach;
To cultivate and strengthen the capacity of village institutions and Community Based Organizations and Self-Reliance Groups (SRGs) in project villages to plan and undertake development activities that address their basic social and food security needs in a participatory, sustainable and transparent manner.

The project strategies for achieving this objective will focus on the following: rural poverty alleviation; gender sensitivity; participatory and demand driven approaches; social and technical capital building; sustainable livelihood opportunities; productive asset creation; access to capital; access to efficient social services and necessary basic social infrastructure; and progress towards improved community governance, which in turn are aimed at contributing to the national goal of self reliance. At the project level, these strategies will be complemented by ensuring: the project staff is well trained and highly committed; there is cost effectiveness; transparency at all levels; achievement of a balance between flexibility and accountability; and, a strong focus on sustainability and the consequent potential replicability of approaches.

By the end of HDI-IV, the CDRT, together with the target communities, will have developed a tested, community-based, cost-effective, sustainable, rural poverty-focused, and basic needs oriented development intervention model.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Within the framework of UNDP/UNOPS policies and procedures for the Human Development Initiative (HDI) in Myanmar, under the direct supervision of UNOPS, and under the general guidance of the UNDP Resident Representative in Yangon, the Agency Project Manager (APM) is responsible for the overall implementation of the CDRT project. His/her specific responsibilities will include:

  1. Prepare a detailed work plan, using bottom-up participatory approaches, for project implementation within four weeks of assignment to the project;
  2. Take the leadership role in efficiently and effectively implementing the work plan prepared;
  3. Provide technical guidance, support and training to the staff for implementing a participatory community development project as laid out in the project document;
  4. Participate in the process of staff recruitment and orientation;
  5. Develop terms of reference of consultants both international and national and help obtain their services;
  6. Supervise the performance of all the project staff recruited under the project;
  7. Participate in UN-wide substantive exercises, including UN Thematic Working Groups;
  8. Participate in HDI IV-wide common programming, monitoring and evaluation exercises;
  9. Develop, with the guidance of UNDP specific guidelines for project implementation and project office administration;
  10. Establish with the assistance of UNDP appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems at the community, township area and central level;
  11. Establish appropriate data collection systems at the community, township, state and central level;
  12. Oversee in collaboration with the ICDP project and other HDT IV projects, the organization of training programs for all level of project staff;
  13. Build partnerships with organisations of civil society including international and national non-governmental organisations, other developmental institutions and donor agencies;
  14. Liaise with national counterpart Departments in matters relating to project activities; and
  15. Prepare reports and documents as required by UNDP.


The Agency Project Manager should have a post graduate degree in a development-related field. He/she will have at least 10 years experience in community development work with more than 5 years of field experience in a developing country. He/she should have proven managerial experience, leadership skills and superior communication skills. Working experience with people of diverse culture and traditions would be an advantage. Strong training skills (specially in participatory methodologies and techniques) is required.

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